Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Creep analysis of inhomogeneous rotating discs    M.Sc.    akbarpour sekkeh, seyed sajad    0000-00-00
2    Modeling and analysis of granular materials segregation    M.Sc.    Akrami Nia, Ehsan    0000-00-00
3    Numerical simulation of granula blockage in a hopper using the Discrete Element Method    M.Sc.    moosavi, sajad    2011-02-07
4    Large deformation analysis of beams under thermomechanical loading    M.Sc.    bagheriyan, hamed    2011-02-14
5    Elastoplastic defrormation analysis for spherical and cylinderical FGM vessels in steady thermal conditions    Ph.D    Sadeghian, Mojtaba    2011-06-09
6    Thermo elasto-plastic analysis of FGM rotating discs    Ph.D    rezaei, mahdi    2012-01-30
7    The effect of orthotropic direction upon the wrinkling pattern of anisotropic membrane    M.Sc.    Daneshvar, Armin    2012-05-14
8    Stress analysis near a crack and notch tip in rotating disc    M.Sc.    zarvandi, majid    2012-10-24
9    Non Fourier thermally induced analysis of vibrations in a simply supported beam    M.Sc.    Shirshad, Alireza    2012-12-17
10    Stress and deformation analysis in a rotating disc with Cartesian orthotropy    M.Sc.    nayebi, abolfazl    2013-10-21
11    Residual stresses of rotating diask made of functinally graded materials under thermo-mechanical loading    M.Sc.    oghbaei, kaveh    2013-10-21
12    Multi-objective optimization of y-shaped tube hydroforming loading path by using of neural network and genetic algorith schemes    M.Sc.    ABDOLLAHI, ARASH    2013-10-21
13    Stress analysis and study of contact zone parameters in hybrid welding of metallic strips    M.Sc.    mousavizadeh, seyed mojtaba    2014-05-05
14    A study of delamination phenomenon in Layered composites used in wind turbine blades    M.Sc.    Safari Naderi, Mohammad Hadi    2014-06-23
15    Residual stress analysis in the autufrettage of FGM cylindrical vessel with kinematic hardening    M.Sc.    ashhdi, morteza    2014-06-23
16    Manufacture, test and analysis of functionally graded Al2O3-Ti beam    M.Sc.    sharifian torghabeh, amir javad    2014-09-08
17    The study of J-integral for non-axial surface cracks in cylindrical vessels    M.Sc.    nasr, vahid    2014-10-20
18    Creep Analysis in Al-SiC FGM Rotating Discs    Ph.D    Zharfi, Hodais    2014-10-22
19    Analytical-Computational Simulation for the Experimental Fatigue Tests of Cold Expanded-Bolt Clamped Al 2024-T3 Specimen    M.Sc.    Sayah, Mostafa    2015-06-22
20    The analysis of tensile and fatigue behavior in resistance spot weldment and hybrid joint of dual phases ferrite-martensite steel    M.Sc.    Ghanbari, Hamid Reza    2015-06-22
21    Free vibration investigation of SMA composite beam resting on Pasternak elastic foundation based on engineering beam theories    M.Sc.    Rahimi, Iman    2015-09-07
22    determining the elasto Plastic shear deformation in cross sections of functionally graded beam with geometric and material properties    M.Sc.    nabili, majid    2015-10-05
23    The influence of creep on the circumferential open cracks at the inner surface of a cylindrical pressure vessel    M.Sc.    oladi, amir    2015-11-02
24    The effect of pre-ratcheting cycles and stress amplitude on fatigue life of Aluminum-2024 weldments    M.Sc.    amini, mohammad    2015-12-28
25    Buckling Analysis of Piezoelectric Nanoplate under Inplane Loading Based On Higher Order and Nonlocal Elasticity Theories    Ph.D    Ghasemi Shiri, Morteza    2016-02-20
26    The analysis of temperature effect upon the vibration of composite-hybrid beam based on layerwise and large deformation theories    Ph.D    Bayat, Yahya    2016-06-02
27    Incremental and total elastic-plastic thermal-mechanical buckling analysis of FGM beams and rectangular plates    Ph.D    BeikMohammadlou, Hassan    2016-07-21
28    Ratcheting analysis for the repeated overspeeds of rotating disc using pseudo-Nortonian creep model    M.Sc.    razavi, seyed ali    2017-12-04
29    Quasi-creep ratcheting analysis in thick-walled cylindrical vessel under pressure fluctuations    M.Sc.    shamloo montazer maghdam, javad    2017-12-04
30    A study of viscoelastic curved micro-beam considiring size and internal damping effects    Ph.D    Akrami Nia, Ehsan    2018-02-14